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  • Your mother is no longer able to act as trustee and is concerned that her children may have conflicts if one of them is named.

    As a private professional trustee, I am held to a higher standard. I have a duty to be impartial to income and remainder beneficiaries, as well as a duty to inform and account.

  • Your frail great aunt is no longer able to consistently pay her bills and has forgotten to pay her taxes the last two years.

    As a fiduciary, I can pay her monthly bills and insure that her tax returns are filed appropriately; or the situation may warrant a durable power of attorney for finances.

  • Your father who recently passed away was the sole provider for your mother.

    Some of the options we could explore might include: arranging 24 hour in-home care or choosing an alternative to a nursing home like a board and care home or assisted living.

  • Your grandmother has recently given away large sums of money to people she really does not know and she is losing her mental capabilities.

    In this situation it may become necessary to have a neutral person appointed as a conservator to make her medical and financial decisions in order to allow you to continue your positive relationship with her.

Lisa Berg - $175.00/hour
Renée Kowalik-Moss - $125.00/hour
Megan Lea - $95.00/hour
Dana Mitchell - $85.00/hour
File Clerk - $50.00/hour

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