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Lisa J. Berg

I always acknowledge that trust is a very basic concern because as fiduciaries we make decisions affecting almost every area of our client's lives. I am happy to offer to provide the names of attorneys, certified public accountants, and other vendors who know my work and can speak about how we work together as well as their observations about me.

I do not give clients' names for references and underscore the privacy issue that you can depend on me not to discuss your situation outside the confines of the services I provide. Often potential clients ask how I got into the fiduciary business. Working as a conservator for Alameda and Sacramento Counties I became aware of the vulnerability of older adults and acting as an advocate for them was very satisfying. As a licensed professional fiduciary I enjoy enhancing my client's quality of life; of being able to turn a negative situation around; being able to reconnect clients with their support network or creating new ones; trying to have a positive influence on the children and teenagers for whom I am guardian to see them grow and develop into responsible happy adults even though they had a very shaky start in life; and of being with clients during their last hours or illness so they are not alone.

Lisa J. Berg has...

  • A Master's Degree in Social Work
  • Ten years of social work experience in medical and psychiatric settings
  • Over eighteen years experience as a public guardian/conservator and as a court registered private conservator
  • Member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California, and National Association of Social Workers
  • Professional Liability and Errors & Omission Insurance
  • Bonds for each conservatorship estate
  • An array of clients, including: the elderly, disabled children, developmentally disabled persons, mental health consumers, terminally ill adults, and adults who have experienced brain trauma
  • Completed conservator and trustee certificates through CSU at Fullerton

“Words cannot express how thankful I am for your kindness, friendship and your expertise. I have found you to be a very special caring person and you have my gratitude for being available to my Aunt Zara and myself at a critical time in our lives.”   - Joyce Heintz

Renée Kowalik-Moss

Employed with Lisa J. Berg & Associates, Inc. since May of 2009.

Job Title:

Executive Administrator/Private Fiduciary

Job description:

Assists in overall office administration, including but not limited to: telephone and written correspondence, file keeping, book/record keeping, personnel and payroll management, data entry, accounting preparation, handling client requests, advanced clerical work and other secretarial duties.


Renée has filled an essential role at Lisa J. Berg & Associates since she joined the business in 2009. Her compassion, advocacy and motivation to serve has been vital to our ongoing success and excellent reputation. She is patient, kind and helpful to clients, family members, colleagues, vendors and other professionals. She continues to go above and beyond her duties both in the office and in the field with clients and never turns down an opportunity to learn something new.

Renée received her Certificate in Fiduciary Management for both Conservatorships and Trust Administration in April of 2012. In 2017, Renée earned both her Associates Degree in Sociology and her professional fiduciary license. She participates regularly in continuing education courses applicable to fiduciary management and meets the 15 unit/per year requirement.

In addition to her daily duties, Renée’s experience has grown to include medical decision-making, coordination of placement and care services, creating budgets, bill paying, inventory and liquidation of personal property, and the administration of trusts and estates. She is also responsible for personnel and payroll transactions, the training of new employees, reconciliation of monthly financial statements, office communications and the mentoring of new fiduciaries.

During her free time, Renée enjoys spending time with her spouse and three children, traveling, watching softball, participating in her children’s community service projects and photography. She is a parent ambassador at Christian Brothers High School and an active volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association and the LGBTQ community.

Dana Mitchell

Employed with Lisa J. Berg & Associates, Inc. since November of 2015.

Job Title:

Administrative Assistant/Fiduciary Student

Job description:

Dana Mitchell has an employment background in general accounting, payroll/tax related accounting, with education in human resource/Retirement and Benefit administration.


Dana is courteous and professional with colleagues and clients, ensuring that their needs are met in an accurate and timely manner. Since her hire date, Dana has taken on additional responsibilities and continues to excel in her position.

She is enthusiastic about learning more about fiduciary management and is considering a career in the field. Dana is organized, motivated and detail-oriented. Lisa and her staff can depend on Dana to accept delegated duties with confidence and eagerness. Dana is regularly praised for her exceptional secretarial skills and customer service.

In her free time, Dana and her family volunteer with Evening of Dreams for special needs students and young adults, Winter Sanctuary for the homeless and is a member of The Singing Christmas Tree Executive Team. Dana also enjoys in spending time adventuring and investing in family and friends.

Megan Lea


Megan is the newest member of the Lisa J. Berg and Associates team. She joins the company after working the last few years at a very reputable Law firm in the Sacramento area where she had a wide range of job duties but excelled in the Estate Planning and Probate department. Megan enjoyed learning about Wills, Trusts and the many facets of Estate Planning work. On her own, Megan started taking Fiduciary classes with Cal State Fullerton’s Fiduciary Management Certificate Program where she realized that fiduciary work is something that she really wants to expand and learn more about. She is on track to finish Fullerton’s Certificate Program by December 2020. Megan is also a Notary Public. Before moving to the Sacramento area, Megan completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies in just three years from San Francisco State University. Megan is hardworking, smart, and compassionate. She works diligently on delegated tasks and has a great energy for our clients and our office. In her free time, Megan enjoys spending time with her spouse and their two children. She loves to travel and enjoys golf.

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