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A message from Lisa J. Berg

It has been a wonderful, daunting, rewarding, and meaningful 30 years of being a fiduciary. I am grateful to my clients, their families, the attorneys who represented me, the CPAs who assisted in that busiest time of the year, the Adult Support Staff who helped us serve our clients well, the folks who did our accountings, and a ton of wonderful vendors who were super responsive so we could meet urgent needs of our clients. I bid all of you adieu and wish you well. As part of my practice I mentored a dedicated employee, Renee Kowalik- Moss, who has taken over my fiduciary practice. She has 12 years of experience and been licensed as a Private Professional Fiduciary for 4 years.

photo of Reene

A message from Renee R. Kowalik-Moss

Lisa J. Berg hired me in May of 2009 as her Executive Administrator. After a short time working for her, I quickly developed an active interest in pursuing a career in fiduciary management. Lisa supported me during my advanced education endeavors, mentored me with hands-on training and gave me the confidence to take on my own cases, all while trusting in me to manage her office and employees. She built Lisa J. Berg & Associates, Inc. from the ground up and I am so happy to see her dream come to fruition, as the successful and well-respected fiduciary practice that it is today. As sad as I am to see her retire, I am honored to be her succession plan. Lisa, thank you for so many years of dedication to our clients and staff. Your shoes will be difficult to fill, but please know I will do my best to make you proud. Cheers to retirement!

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